Can you imagine being able to master the most evolved techniques in fly fishing and become a high level fisherman?

If everything we just explained sounds good to you, my fly-fishing friend, keep reading because here are all the details:  

The doors of the International Fly-Fishing School are open!

All the knowledge and advanced techniques that we use, which have led us to become world champions on many occasions, are now within your reach.

But wait, let us introduce ourselves again…

We are David García Ferreras and Pablo Castro Pinos. We were both born by the river and have been fishing since we can remember.

After much effort, trial and error, and countless hours on the river, we have honed our techniques to the point of becoming world fly-fishing champions on multiple occasions.

We have had the pleasure of training and mentoring great anglers from all over the world, and nothing satisfies us more than being able to share our knowledge with fellow fishing enthusiasts like you.

We understand how you feel, wanting to reach the highest level, but sometimes practice and perseverance alone are not enough.

You need support, someone to guide you with their experience and knowledge.

We wish we had found a school with all this support when we started!

That’s why we decided to create it, and now it’s a reality where we have trained many anglers.

The International Fly Fishing School was born to share with you everything we know, the most evolved techniques and all the news, with our S.S.F.F.I. method.

Do you want to know in detail the program of the school and everything that is included in the interactive platform of the school?

Method 1: Concepts and equipment for level line and dry fishing.

Choice of the line, all the knots to be tied, choice of tippet diameters for level line fishing, tag and nymph distances, strike indicators, vest placement, line treatment, and many other things to have the fly fishing equipment ready for both dry and level line fishing. More than 30 lessons.

Method 2: Casting and drifts in level line fishing.

The different ways to drift the nymphs, the correct casting technique, wristplacement, the importance of body positioning, dynamic casting, setting the hook, detecting a bite, and all the secrets to effectively fish with a euro rig. More than 28 lessons.

Method 3: Dry fly, casts and drifts.

Leader configuration, tippet choice, body positioning, aerial corrections, the importance of dry fly drifting, upstream or transverse fishing and many other secrets. More than 20 lessons.

Method 4: Dry dropper with level line, dry dropper with dry fly line, fishing tactics.

Tippet and leader configuration for dry dropper fishing with level line or dry fly line, aspects of the cast, fishing tactics for dry fly, line and dry dropper and best areas to use any technique. More than 18 lessons.

Method 5: Entomology applied to fishing.

Entomology applied to fishing for the knowledge of the most relevant aquatic and terrestrial insects for fly fishing, as well as rules for the choice of dry fly or nymph, in river conditions. More than 20 lessons.

Method 6: Streamer fishing in lake and river.

Equipment configuration, line selection, leader and tippet configuration, knots, fishing with 2 streamers, fishing with 3 streamers, lake fishing tactics, river fishing tactics. More than 18 lessons.

A total of 152 lessons: with more than 9 hours of videos, 7 hours of reading, illustrations, graphics and audio lessons. You will also have access to live replays of previous editions to answer your questions.

Direct and personalized support by email:

What matters most to us is that you take full advantage of the training, evolve and do not have any problems with the platform.

Interactive avatar:

You will meet Mayfly, an interactive fisherman, who will solve your doubts, tell you fishing stories, a faithful companion for your learning days.

40 exercises for a better understanding of all the lessons:

They will be small tests for you to know by yourself that you are acquiring all the knowledge and that you have no doubts left.

And of course, with a flexible schedule, you can do the training at your own pace. We are aware that each of us has different rhythms and obligations.

As you can see, you will have all the best techniques and resources at your fingertips, with our monitoring and closeness and our commitment to you in your learning process.

And now think…

And all this with our commitment, as fly fishing world champions, to your evolution.

And little more we can tell you, now you decide.

Wait, there's still more!

If you enroll as a student of the S.S.F.F.F.I. fly fishing school you will have:

Do you still have doubts? Maybe one of these will help you:

Of course, we have all started at the beginning, we will be there to answer all your questions, no matter what your previous level is. Besides, just by being here, you show your desire to evolve and you deserve to grow as a fisherman.

In a maximum of 72 hours from Monday to Friday you will have our answer, it all depends on the volume of questions we receive that day. You have to know that we like to offer you high quality support and that’s why we will spend the necessary time to give you a good answer.

Well here our answer is very clear: technique, knowledge and knowing how to read a river are much more valuable than the most expensive fishing rod you can buy. 😉

Our method is designed so that you can acquire all the knowledge and take the necessary notes from home and then put them into practice on the river. This way you will have more flexibility and you will set your schedule and your time for each stage with flexibility and independence.

We are very sure that you will not regret it, even so, if within 15 days you think that what you see in the school is not for you, we will refund your money without any problem. As you can see, you have nothing to lose, but a great opportunity to grow.


And remember, if you have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected]

See you at the school, fly fishing friend!

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